Baby/Toddler ‘Granny Ripple’ Blanket


35.5″ wide

I started out trying to do a rectangle granny square blanket but then I was shown a ripple blanket and I just HAD to try it.

It took me a couple tries to understand the ends but I worked it out. I am not very far in since I ran out of yarn but I am looking forward to completing it.

As you can see I am not quite done with the first skein. I planned to make this another baby blanket for my daughter but I made it so wide, I think it will be more of a toddler blanket. I will decide as I go how long I will make it. I can’t remember how many I chained to make this. It is in sets of 18 and I did either 9 or 10 sets. (I started and resstarted it enough times that my notes when I was counting don’t tell me!)

This is Bernat® Softee® Baby Yarn, Ombre in Lavender Lullaby. Check it out at Michael’s.

Here is the tutorial I followed:


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