Spiral Playmat


28.5″ wide, on 4th skein

Bernat® Baby Blanket™ Yarn in Pitter Patter at Michael’s.

My husband brought me home two skeins of this yarn. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it so I started making a granny square baby blanket. (Hey, I am new and have to stick with what I know!)

The way I learned to do a continuous granny square was to slip stitch through to the next space to start a new row until I end up at a corner and can go round and round with no interruptions.

Well, the yarn is thick and the slip stitch was quite noticeable.

I could have tried another way I saw of just chaining when I got to a new row and working around but I tried that with my first granny square blanket and at one point I was at a loss how to continue. I would have ended up slip stitching anyway.

I just put the project aside for about a week and looked at various patterns and such. I was toying with making a hat out of different yarn that I have and watched a lot of tutorials on working in a circle.

After watching a LOT of hat making videos, I felt confident I could do that.

My confidence was unfounded. Even following along to a YouTube tutorial and pausing and rewinding, I still managed to mess it up. The pattern I was doing said to chain two then do your double crochet and increases and work around the circle. I am still not sure what I was doing wrong but my stitch counts were never right. I took the mat out three times to redo it. (Don’t even get my started on the magic circle. I will master that… eventually.)

I finally decided to just try working in a spiral with no chaining and BAM! It worked! I am on my 4th skein of this yarn and at 18 HDC in each stitch before my increase. Counting was becoming an issue with all of my distractions. This morning I discovered a cheat of sorts. My current row increases end up one stitch before the previous row’s increase. I think that just saved my life (or at least my sanity) for now. That might be a well known thing for seasoned crocheters but it is news to me!


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