My First Granny Square Afghan

34″ x 34″, 28 rows

This is my learning project. I am practicing with color changes and adding yarn and hiding tails. It isn’t very pretty and there really isn’t much of a pattern. I went into it thinking I had a pattern but I really didn’t. I am okay with that. I am going to see it through to the end.

I just added my 2nd skein of blue yarn so I got pretty far on the first one.

It is Red Heart Super Saver in Blue Suede and Black. Check it out at Michael’s.

I took a break from working on this for a couple of weeks and I forgot if I was chaining between sets of double crochets (DC) or not. So as of now (somewhere in that last bit up blue on the edge, I know for sure I am NOT chaining between sets. I don’t know that I can really tell a difference.

I have watched quite a few granny square tutorials after starting this one. My next one I will try doing sets of 4 DC instead of 3 and chaining only 2 in the corners instead of 3 as I am now.

I also eventually want to try doing actual small squares and making them into a blanket.

A lot of tutorials always show the color change and I wanted to know how to do a solid color to make a continuous square. This is one of the main videos I used to help me


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