Stitch Sitch

*UPDATE* Spiral Playmat


So I decided on my edging for my playmat. It will be points like a sun. The picture above shows part one of the edging. There is a second row needed to complete the look.

I started the edging not knowing what my stitch count was beforehand. As I was trucking along, I started thinking that part one of this pattern is done in repeats of 7 stitches.

tr, ch 1, tr

I stopped and did a count… I’m at 200 stitches. That won’t work for multiples of 7. I have to work a few more rows so I can work the edging correctly. I think my rows increase by 8 each time. I will have to count and check when I finish the next row.

I sure do wish I had kept track of all this when I started! I think I have learned my lesson. We shall see…

Note to self: Keep track of stitch count.


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