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Basketweave Nightmare

I decided I wanted to make this  Bernat Basketweave pattern I found on the Yarnspirations web I site.


I’ve watched many tutorials on this pattern and they are all just a smidge different from each other.

This one has each section in five double crochet vertically and four “lines” going across. Some have three or four vertical and two or three across. Each one had a different starting chain count.

So this pattern I downloaded says to chain 73. (Multiples of 10 + 3)

I chain 73.

I do all the DC called for in the first row starting with the 3rd chain from the hook.

I chain 2 at the end of the row and turn my work.

I start doing the front and back post double crochets.

I get to the end of the row and had finished my last set of 5.


No. I have two DC left. I should only have one.

I count to make sure each post front and back post DC I did was in sets of 5. It was.

I count my starting chain. It seems correct.

I know I did something wrong. I don’t know what.

I take it all out and start again.

I did it wrong again.

Repeat that 4 more times.

I finally get it right. I chained 73 I just know it.

Before I start doing the first row of DC I count the chain in sets of 5 taking into account the 2 stitches that will count as a chain/DC and one DC on the other end.

Everything pans out.

I did it. This is my moment.

I start doing my DC in my chain starting in the 3rd chain from the hook.

I get to the end and I do another count to double check.

I have 101 DC and the ch 2 from the beginning.

That doesn’t seem right. I chained 73! Just like the pattern said! I counted!

Maybe this is when I tell you by this time I’m very upset with this whole thing. I have four kids that have been fighting and crying and needed to be fed and had to go to the bathroom and diapers needed changing.

I started this thing at 7:30 in the morning. It’s 3pm!

At this point I just don’t care that I clearly can’t count to 73. I just want this done. This is just supposed to be a trial run through before I buy my yarn to start making the real thing.


I’m pausing here to start doing the front and back post DC and fingers crossed this works.


It is now just before 6pm and I have it! FINALLY!

I don’t know how I managed to count so terribly so many times in a row but it happened and now I’m telling the internet of my shame.

I had to backtrack twice but I didn’t have to redo it all and for that I am grateful.


I’m mentally exhausted with this whole thing but I am so glad I got it right. If you can tell from the picture, I have the five vertical lines from doing double crochets and I am one more row away from having the four going across.

This is just some leftover Bernat Blanket yarn I used to arm knit a scarf. I don’t have nearly enough for a full blanket but my husband likes it so I’ll end up getting more to finish I’m sure.


7 thoughts on “Basketweave Nightmare

  1. I think everyone has done the miscount nightmare! I started marking sets of stitches with scraps of yarn or stitch markers so I could stop completely ripping out everything each time I messed up after spending about as much time as you redoing lol. That is a nice looking blanket though.

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    1. The thing is I DID use a stitch marker. I moved it every 10 chains and them kept it at the 70 chain mark in case I had to take it out again I wouldn’t have to redo my entire starting chain. I still ended up with 30 extra. If I didn’t know better I would think I had been drunk. Lol

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  2. That was like reliving many of my own crochet “arrghhh” moments – I could feel my blood pressure going up and that “particular” kind of headache starting to look for a place to settle. You have my sympathy! My rather basic-pattern afghan started out OK, but I had to do so many extemporaneous fixes (like the horizontal borders) that everything after that was flying by the seat of my pants since all previous counts no longer applied. The final border all around was sc (hard to mess that up) and then a simple picot that I jigged about as needed. May no one ever take a hard look at my stitches.


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