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Guage…. *sobs*

It is official that I’m incapable of matching the guage on this blanket I’m working on. I either get the width but then realize I messed up my foundation row count (too many kid interruptions) then, multiple tries later, (after not getting the width) I get the width again but then I realize that I messed up my count again!

I originally was like I’m going to ignore the Guage and just go for it. I got to my 3rd skein and was measuring… Every 6 rows I was losing 2 inches of my blanket length. I would have needed 2 more skeins probably than the 4 required in the pattern.

I tried different hook size combinations (a bigger hook for my foundation chain and a smaller for actual working the project) and I will just be short a few inches on width.

How does this work? Do I work the posted rows and stitches from the pattern to see if I have the guage? I know whatever the width of the most foundation chain is, once working my dc in the stitches, it gets shorter.

Yes... Still the basketweave. My nemesis.

One thought on “Guage…. *sobs*

  1. I feel your pain! Gauges are a nightmare! Most of the time, to get it right, I have to crochet abnormally loosely so to solve that problem, if I’m making a garment, I just go a size up – but I guess you can’t do that with a blanket unless you adjusted it so that you do a few extra stitch pattern repeats.


    Eleanor x

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