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So I did the post yesterday about the infinity scarf with this Gemstone Stripes yarn.

The outside of the skein is pink and purple with a light and dark (maybe black) gray mixed in.


I am currently on row six and I am still only in the gray/black part. I expected way more color. I had pink for about three quarters of my starting chain then it faded out.

I’m kinda disappointed. I still like the pattern but I would have preferred more color.



5 thoughts on “Misleading

  1. I love this pattern – I’m fascinated by crochet since I don’t know how to yet. 🙂 But that yarn is sometimes quite misleading by color; a lot of them are self-striping which the packaging and descriptions don’t make very obvious. I also find it difficult to knit with because of all the fuzz! 🙂

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    1. It was fuzzy but soft! I was looking up yarns that don’t fuzz so easily and people said red heart with love yarn is a good one. I haven’t used that yet but I think I will soonish!


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