Meet One-eyed Willy

Willy, this is everyone.
Everyone, this is Willy.


Willy has only one eye because my yarn was finite. One of my skeins had been used for me to practice knitting before I gave up on that. I couldn’t find that bit so it must have ended up in the trash.

One-eyed Willy is a champ and has agreed to hold my yarn anyway. He’s good people. I appreciate him.

I bought the Owl Basket pattern I saw on ravelry a couple months ago. I just loved it. I decided to finally give it a go with some yarn I just had lying about. I got as far as starting the pointy bit on the 2nd eye before I ran out.


I took this picture in case I ever buy another skein to finish One-eyed Willy off.


It is super bulky yarn and I used the K-6.5mm hook for the basket and the H-5mm hook for the eyes. I used the smaller hook because I knew I was going to run out but I still had hope. (Hope that turned into disappointment and failure but we won’t talk about that.)

One-eyed Willy has a friend that I started yesterday to be an owl basket but that didn’t pan out. I stupidly used 3 strands of super bulky yarn with an N-10mm hook. It was so tight my arm was in agony and I took many breaks. I put a handle on it and one of my 3 strands ran out right when I got to doing my 2nd row on the 2nd handle.



All in all, I am happy with the first two baskets I ever attempted.

In case you’re curious, this is the picture with the pattern…


Awesome right? I should have adjusted more things since I was using smaller yarn and a smaller hook than the pattern. Hindsight.

I plan to make a proper owl eventually.

For now it is just me and Willy. Kicking *ss and chewing bubblegum. And we’re all outta gum.


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