Stitch Sitch

Gift Baby Blanket

I started on this baby blanket from a free pattern. It is my first pattern where are the stitches aren’t the same throughout.


It has a puff stitch which is new for me and driving me insane, crossed over double crochet stitches, and front and back post double crochet.

I’m enjoying making it even though I keep having to redo rows repeatedly. I’m not sure what is going on since I count stitches and they’re correct but then when I do the next row it isn’t right. I’m clearly doing something wrong but I usually manage to fix it.

My issue is my kids think my yarn is a good pretend bowl of water.


Yes, that is One-eyed Willy holding my yarn. He was the perfect size for the skein of yarn. That is my 3 year old stirring the “water” with one of her toys. She got the idea from my 5 year old.

I’m not impressed.

My kids are lucky they’re so cute and I love them with all my heart.

I also ended up getting a new hook for this blanket. I was getting thumb cramps and need one with a handle. I wish I had gotten hooks like this sooner. I didn’t realize the difference it would make!



11 thoughts on “Gift Baby Blanket

  1. What an interesting blanket. My Turtle is also 3 and my yarn is frequently thrown all over the place…while I’m working on it lol. I always wondered if the hooks with handles would make a difference. I’ll have to check those out now for sure since I get dents in my thumb.

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  2. I love kids! They make crocheting interesting! LOL Sometimes, patterns frustrate me when what’s supposed to happen doesn’t happen. I always assumed I was making a mistake but sometimes, it was a problem with the pattern. Once I knew what was the mistake, I could correct it. Of course, sometimes, it was me and I was just confused by the pattern. Luckily, I usually figured out if it was me or the pattern that was messing up. If it was me, and I was lucky, I would have an aha! moment where I would understand and see the pattern clearly (after much frustration) and be able to complete it. Hopefully that will happen for you because it is a very cute blanket. šŸ™‚

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  3. Your blanket looks lovely. I want to see more šŸ™‚ Love the color, too. In your kids’ defense, it does kind of look like water šŸ˜‰ I have not tried a hook with a handle, but I am seeing them everywhere! I will have to pick one up for my next project and try it out.

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