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Solid Granny Square Cloth

I had to run to the store today for some stuff and of course went to the yarn aisle. I was looking for particular colors but it seems they had been cleared out. Since I’m a yarn addict I hunted for another yarn I could buy.



I went with this cotton yarn because I just loved the colors! It came with a dishcloth pattern on the label so I went with it. I’d not made a solid granny square before so I was a bit confused on what the pattern was saying at first but I figured it out!




It is about 9½ inches. I did 1 less row than the pattern said and it is pretty big. I ignored guage because I don’t need that headache today, thank you very much! The little ball on the top left is what was letter after I finished.

If you notice it is on top of my gift baby blanket from my previous post. I am about halfway done with it. I also bought another skein of the same baby yarn to make a 2nd one but in a light green.



It also has an edging that goes with the pattern which is a good thing because it is wild on the sides. I’ll be sure to do a post once I finish to see if it was a total failure or not. Haha


4 thoughts on “Solid Granny Square Cloth

  1. I’m so excited I just bought the same one. Walmart had Peaches &Creme on sale for $1.50. I’ve never worked with cotton so I went a little crazy. Maybe I’ll just consider it my Mother’s Day so I don’t feel guilty about buying so much when I’m still trying to get rid of so much more lol. Beautiful square. I’ll have to try the pattern on the label since I’ve never done grannies or dishcloths either.

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