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Dud Hook

I wanted to get a 4mm hook with a handle. I hopped in the car at 10pm because I can. Don’t judge.

The Walmart here didn’t have 4mm hooks with handles. They had 4.25, 5, and 6.5. Thanks for nothing with this selection, Walmart!

I decided to just get the 4.25mm. I don’t need to worry about guage I just want to make a c2c blanket.

I get home and open it and, after struggling and failing to find the center pull and giving up on that endeavor, I start my blanket.

What the what? Why is my yarn snagging? So I feel and it is rough. Whatever. I will just keep going. I can’t return anything this late plus I wouldn’t even if I could!

I decide to take a picture and it looks terrible! I don’t know how it came fresh from the package like this but I will be returning it tomorrow. I might just go to a different store and get the 4mm like I wanted. Depends on my lazy level.


Here is what I managed to complete before the yarn constantly catching on the hook made me stop:


Not very much as you can see. It is Bernat Baby Sport yarn.

About the other baby blank I’m working on, I started the edging. It is just 4 rows of sc working in the back loop only. This is my first time doing edging so I have taken bits out and redone them a couple of times so I’m still on round 1 of that and it isn’t much to see.

I was hoping for this c2c to be a distraction from the pattern by edging but that is out for now. I should probably go to bed anyway. I have to be awake in 6 hours to get kids ready for school.

Has anyone else ever gotten a bad hook or am I just super lucky?


11 thoughts on “Dud Hook

  1. Happens to me more often than I wish. I would return it in a heart beat. Good luck with the next one. I bought a set of bamboo Tunisian crochet hooks and about 3 of them kept snagging the yarn. Drove me nuts. I’ve had a few of the aluminum ones snag too. Very frustrating.

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  2. I have never gotten a bad hook before, but I can’t tell you how many times I went to Wal-Mart late at night to get more crochet supplies, especially yarn! You can never have enough yarn! Lol

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