I have decided to work more on the very first afghan ever started: My blue and black granny square.


I decided to take a break from working on it since Tycho is using the skein of yarn as a pillow. He needs a haircut.

I’ve learned a lot since I first started to crochet. The magic knot is one of my most favorite things. It means I don’t have anymore of this to deal with:


I’m also WAY better at changing colors. I don’t even know what I did here. The corner is off and it is all just a mess.


I was also so inconsistent with my stitches that it is painful to see…


That corner also looks kind of confusing. I don’t know what I was doing at all.

I am far from being a pro at crochet but it is cool to see my improvements in one afghan.

I also have an issue that perhaps somebody can help me with. When I first got this back out and dusted it off I noticed some yarn sticking out where it shouldn’t be. I pulled it and it started to unravel! I currently have it sorta rigged with a stitch marker so it doesn’t completely fall apart before I fix it. Any suggestions on how to connect this and add in a set of dc that seems to have been cut and then fell apart?


I am kinda scared to take that stitch marker out to be honest.

I also finished my first basket weave afghan. I am going to make more for Christmas gifts. I don’t know if you saw my gauge post but this is the pattern I was having so much trouble with. I cannot figure out for the life of me how the person made the afghan in the size it says in the pattern with the hook size.

In the end, it is an afghan and not clothing so the gauge isn’t all that important. I can just buy more yarn or not. It is totally up to me! It felt so freeing when I stopped stressing about it.

I think it is safe to post a picture here since none of my family follows my blog. They aren’t much for the internet.


The pattern said to use a 9mm hook but I used an 11.5. It was so much softer and wasn’t stiff. I had a bit of yarn leftover from finishing this one so I decided to start on the 2nd one but with a 10mm hook. I am not entirely sold on it but I might just go with it. I have trouble with this yarn and not making it too tight on the hook. I don’t know if it is something I am doing or just the yarn catching on itself. I end up tugging a lot and making stitches not the same when I put the project down then go back to it. The 11.5 helps me with that a bit.



12 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Am not an expert at all, so I have no idea how you could fix the unravelling thread problem – the only thing I can think to do is unravel it to the end of a row, tie the loose end to some more yarn, crocheting to the end of the row, yarning over to the next row and cutting the thread off – (if that made sense?)

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      1. I was thinking of just undoing the row which was already coming undone and then redoing that row – you would have to crochet back joining the rest of the blanket – look for ‘join as you go granny square’ to give you an idea of what I mean

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  2. I would probably take some of the blue yarn and attach it in the chain space of the unraveling yarn with a standing double double crochet and make another double crochet. Then I would fasten it off leaving a long tail. I would take the tail and weave it through the double crochet that is already there, making sure to go through the areas that are unraveling. I would go through the holes where you have the stitch marker first, before pulling it out. Once I felt the yarn was not going to unravel, I would take out the stitch marker. I would continue to weave in my tail around that double crochet as well as through the upper double crochet clusters until I felt it was sturdy. If the tail is long enough from the yarn that was already there and unraveling, I would weave that one in too. If it’s short, I probably would make a knot with the new tail and then weave in as much as I could. Don’t know if that’s the ‘right’ way to do it but that’s what I would do.

    I find myself scratching my head all the time because I have no idea how to match someone else’s gauge when using everything they are using. Drives me crazy 🙂 I usually end doing my own thing.

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  3. I’ve avoided patterns with basket weave just because I was too afraid to try. Boo me. Maybe one day. Ever since I learned the magic circle I can’t get enough of it. I often change patterns to include instead if when they do Ch 2 and join or whatever. If it doesn’t work I can always do the original. Wish I could help with the unraveling afghan. It is neat to see our improvements though. I always enjoy your posts.

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