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The More You Know: Golden Loop

I watched a TON of crochet tutorials before I tried it out on my own. I watched probably 20 videos on YouTube and some I watched more than once. Also, once I started a pattern I would continuously watch that video as I worked to make sure I was doing everything correctly.

I knew what the different basic stitches were:

  • Single crochet (sc)
  • Double crochet (dc)
  • Half double crochet (hdc)
  • Treble crochet (tr)

One thing I didn’t know from these many videos was a thing called the golden loop. Everyone talks about holding the yarn for tension but even that is something that takes some getting used to. They teach you how to yarn over for all the different stitches but what is the golden loop??

In a group I joined on Facebook for crochet, a person had made a practice square for gauge and I saw in the comments mentions of adjusting their golden loop. I immediately went to YouTube and looked this mystery thing up.

Deja at Crochet Ever After has a ton of great tutorials for all of the different stitches and she also has a Golden Loop one! This video really changed the whole crochet game for me. I felt more confident as I did my stitches. I am now more aware of how I hold my yarn and my stitches aren’t as wonky as they were in my first attempt at a granny square.

I definitely recommend watching this video.



9 thoughts on “The More You Know: Golden Loop

  1. I’ve never been a yanker or a lifter – my tension is usually good. I have seen this video before but didn’t remember it was called the Golden Loop. I tell people who are starting out that the hardest thing to learn in crochet is not the stitches but the holding and tensioning of the yarn.

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