Minnie Mouse Blanket

I know of a little girl turning 3 years old that loves Minnie Mouse.

I know I love to crochet.


I made a Minnie Mouse blanket for her that will last her a long, long time.

It is over 6 feet long (maybe 6’3″ or 6’4″). I actually didn’t measure the width after I did the border. Pre-border it was 4 feet wide.

Bernat Softee Chunky – 108yds/99m each

Baby Pink – 8.5 skeins
White –  8.5 skeins
Black – 3 skeins

I liked the yarn. The package said to use a 9mm hook. I originally tried it out with that size and a v-stitch but it turned out so hard and I hated it. I am a tight crocheter so I frogged it and went up to a 10mm and decided on a ripple by Bella Coco which I love so much more. (She also has a video to make the edge straight). Keep in mind she uses UK terms when you watch the videos. Her treble is a US double. I watch so many UK tutorial videos that sometimes I find myself calling them trebles myself.

Out of all the skeins I used the only minor issues I had were a couple of times I found some purple fuzz on the white (which I could just pull off as it wasn’t weaved in) and this happened once (but I was able to cut it off by using a yarn needle to slide under it then cutting carefully with my scissors):


Once I washed the blanket it was SO SOFT I didn’t want to give it away.

I have a ton of pictures and I don’t want the infinite scroll so here is a gallery of pictures that you can click on to your heart’s content:


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