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First Completed C2C!

I have probably said that Stylecraft Special DK is my favorite yarn so far. I admit I don’t have much experience with all of the different types but I do love Stylecraft. My issue with it is I am forced to order online. I am in no way against ordering yarn online I just would like to look at the yarn myself, you know? I heard of a site that would help you find similar yarns called YarnSub. You just type in your yarn and voila! it gives you a list of similar yarns. This website said the I Love This Yarn! Sport from Hobby Lobby was comparable to Stylecraft.

It took me a while but I FINALLY got around to going to Hobby Lobby and the yarn really is soft! I purchased the worsted weight yarn not the sport weight but I am quite happy with it. I bought one skein of Graphite and one skein of Neon Blue with nothing specific in mind to do with them. (I saw a Tital Wave Shawl from a newsletter I got via email from Moogly in these colors and I just loved it)

Anywho, I decided to give c2c another go. I started one a while back and I just was NOT feeling it. It has been put aside to continue some time in the future. This time around I quite enjoyed it! It started out so fast But, by the time I got to the halfway point I was like lagging a bit. The best part of c2c, as I am sure it has been mentioned before, is knowing how fast you will be able to finish once you start decreasing since the rows just get smaller and smaller.

I used almost two skeins of the Graphite and one full and a minuscule amount of a second skein of the Neon Blue. The last picture shows how much of the used skeins were left. The other pictures are of full skeins.

The border is #5 in the Around the Corner Crochet Borders book. I plan on giving this blanket as a gift for a baby boy who was just born so I didn’t want anything frilly. I am happy with how it turned out!

Finished dimensions:

No border 77m
With border 86cm
Diagonal with border 117 cm


I took a bunch of pictures so ENJOY!


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