Summer Ripple Stitch

Hook  Size: 4mm
Date Started: May 3, 2017
Date Finished: May 27, 2017
Starting Chain: 277 (275 Double crochet – US term)
Finished Dimensions: 128cm x 150cm
Pattern (free*):

*Note: The free pattern has an error in row 2. You can subscribe to the website and, according the comments, the pattern is correct. A simple google search for the diagram can clear that up for you.


I made this blanket for a retirement party that is today for a nurse my husband used to work with. I really cut it close. I wanted a blanket that wasn’t too heavy since it would be summer soon. I was browsing Pinterest and I found the pattern so then I just needed colors. Guess what? Also Pinterest! I found this amazing board on there with color combinations for Stylecraft Special DK.

I adore the colors I used: Grey, Duck Egg, Silver, and Saffron

I would also like to add that after washing it, my border straightened out as well as the stitches. The treble crochets kind of puffed out as I was working on it. I was okay with it because it still looked great I thought but it evened out after being washed and dried. I need to work on my border game. Working into the side edges are still a learning process for me. That being said, I am damn proud of my progress.

My border is just 2 rows of single crochet in Silver and then a row of the crab stitch in Duck Egg. As those two were my lightest colors I thought it would be nice to give them some extra attention.


I am no photographer but here is a gallery of some pictures I took!



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