I saw a post on Facebook about arm knitting and my mind was blown. I thought that was just the coolest thing. I spent countless hours on YouTube watching arm knitting videos. I finally felt confident enough to give it a go myself and went at it. I made quite a few scarves and gave them away.

Here’s the thing though, I don’t actually wear scarves. I can’t just continue to make scarves forever and always. I decided to try actual knitting.

I have to be honest with you. I did not care for it. It was so tedious with the casting on and spending (seemingly to me) FOREVER to only have completed a few rows.

I had a couple friends talk about crochet so I decided to give that a go. You know what? I LOVED IT!

It’s a lot of muscle memory and, once you get the pattern you are working on in your head, you can binge watch shows at the same time. I think that is pretty fabulous.

This blog is just a place for me to post pictures of things I am working on and the like. Perhaps once I get more experience I can attempt picture tutorials.

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  1. LOL!!! My mother knit my entire life, and I said the same thing. I could not understand how she could tolerate knitting for hours and only get a little bit done. And then I learned to crochet, and it was SO much faster!!! I’ve picked up knitting again though, a bit…as long as there are different stitches to challenge me, I can tolerate it!

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  2. Stupid question …how did you get your ‘My Blogs’ on the right hand side of your page ?? I have a second blog here on WP and it would be sooo cool to have them arranged like you have Thank you in advance 🙂

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      1. In the WP Admin menu there is Links . Go there and you can add your blogs. I had to create the “My blogs” category. There are already links set up as default by WP but I deleted them all. The widget is the links widget I think.


      2. Thank you – if you could give me a VERY informed how too I’d be grateful …explain it like I’m a 5 yr old with the attention span of a gnat & you won’t be far off the mark , I’m off to peek at your other blogs now 🙂

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          1. What the fudge I can’t find anything on FB …I think it’s taken a dislike to me AGAIN ..I’ve been banned twice once because they thought I wasn’t areal person due to my name & secondly because I posted a picture of Father Christmas -which they said was a celebrity & I hadn’t asked his permission pffft

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